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The Padovani Law Firm Civil is composed of Cassation lawyers and provides assistance in matters of civil litigation, tax, and fiscal issues, savings and debtor positions, particularly in banking and financial law, forex and online trading, construction, leases, and debt recovery.

The firm has developed particular expertise and experience in cases presented before the ABF – Banking and Financial Ombudsman and at the ACF – Financial Disputes Ombudsman, assisting or having assisted hundreds of clients in matters related to Postal Savings Bonds, online trading, Banca Popolare di Vicenza, Banca Popolare di Bari, and Barclays Bank.

In tax, fiscal, and social security matters, the firm has developed specific experience in challenging assessment notices, tax collection notices, INPS debit notices, payment demands, assessment notices, administrative stops, pre-notice of mortgage registration, and other tax execution acts, also in recovery functions.

The firm’s lawyers have designed and initiated class actions and injunctions, reported to the AGCM – Competition and Market Authority, to protect consumers and users throughout Italy, using a network of correspondents that allows us to represent cases in all the major courts of the country.

The firm has developed specific expertise in Italian citizenship and human rights protection, handling dozens of appeals before the European Court of Human Rights for citizens and businesses, particularly regarding claims against financially distressed municipalities.

If you are looking for a law firm in Rome, contact us for an initial phone consultation after sending the documents related to your case via email.

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“We believe in maximum transparency and clarity in our relationships with clients and in the formulation of estimates.”

Attorney Marcello Padovani

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Track Record.

"Among the first law firms in Italy to have obtained refunds for provincial surcharges on electricity for the years 2010 and 2011. Among the first law firms in Italy to have obtained judgments in favor of shareholders of Venetian banks. 50% of disputes in the field of subsidized housing settled through negotiation without litigation."

Fee Transparency.

Clear written estimates, an approach commensurate with the result.

€1,500,000 paid to our clients through ABF and ACF in the last 24 months.

The total amount of compensations paid by Banks and Post Offices to our clients in the last year exceeds the indicated figure and is steadily increasing.

€1,000,000 compensated in 2023 to our clients through settlement before the ECHR.

ECHR appeals for claims against municipalities in Financial Distress, in 2023 our Firm has reached settlements with the Italian Government for over 1 million euros.

Continuous Update.

Guarantee of updating within 24 hours of any relevant event concerning your case.

90% of disputes won or settled in investment and trading matters.

Regarding investment service agreements, online trading, forex, CFDs, derivatives, and certificates, even with brokers in Cyprus, all cases handled by the Firm have resulted in compensation for the client.

100% of disputes won at the ACF against Banca Popolare di Bari.

Regarding BPB actions, in proceedings before the ACF, we have always prevailed for our clients.

If you want, you can pay electronically and in installments.

With us, you can pay with Bancomat, Postamat, Postepay, Bitcoin, PayPal, or Credit Card, even if you want to stagger your expenses.

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